Women’s Committee - Call for Volunteers

The OAWA is seeking to form a Women’s Committee.  See the terms of reference for the committee below.  

Interested Candidates please contact OAWA Vice-President Women’s Development Heather Sweezey by September 12, 2019 at hsweezey@hotmail.com or vpwomen@oawa.ca 


The Women’s Committee was developed to support the VP Women’s Development with the promotion, support and growth of women in the sport of wrestling.

Key Responsibilities/ Duties

Determine one (1) major focus per year to support the mandate. Recommendations will be brought to the Board of Directors at the September Board meeting annually regarding the focus, timelines and preliminary budget for that year.


The committee will consist of no less than four (4) and no more than nine (9) members.


The chair of the committee will be the VP Women’s Development. They will be responsible for scheduling meetings, ensuring minutes are taken and providing reports to the Board of Directors as needed.  


One (1) representative from each region (voted in by the region bi-annually prior to or at OAWA Annual General Meeting)

One (1) representatives from the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Officials Association (voted in by the OAWOA prior to the OAWA Annual General Meeting)

One (1) Athlete representative (selected by the BOD from those who put their names forward prior to or at the Annual General Meeting)

If there are no interested candidates, positions need not be filled.

All members must be over the age of 18.

Members will serve a 2 year term, voted on bi-annually in odd numbered years.

Authority and Decision  Making

The authority to determine the annual focus of the committee and implantation plan by a majority vote of the committee members present at the annual summer planning meeting.

Quorum will be the majority of committee members

Each member will have one (1) vote, including the chair, there are no proxy votes.

The authority to invite other individuals to meetings as deemed necessary to support initiatives.


The committee will meet in person between the AGM and September 1 annually.

There will be quarterly meetings or more often if required.


The Chair will prepare an annual report to be presented at the AGM updating the membership on the focus and progress of the committee for that year.


Endorsed by OAWA Executive Committee April 29, 2019