Request for Proposals: OAWA Program Coordinator

Request for Proposals:  OAWA Program Coordinator.

The Program Coordinator is based out of the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association corporate office (Toronto), however much of the work will involve travel to and attendance at events.  Work Location for the eventual successful incumbent is therefore flexible, but periodic travel to the Association will be required to successfully complete the tasks.  

The OAWA Program Coordinator carries out the duties as outlined below.  This is a contractor relationship requiring completion of tasks assigned in a reasonable and timely fashion.

Work space and use of administrative services (phone, etc.) will be available at the OAWA office.


The successful applicant will act as a Contractor to the OAWA, invoicing the Association.   Fee for service will range from $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 per month for the period October 15, 2019 to August 31, 2020.   Once the final fee for service is determined, the Program Coordinator will invoice the OAWA monthly.

This is not an employment contract, and no other benefits are provided.

Reasonable expenses will be negotiated in advance and reimbursed upon submission as required.  Travel to events and other purposes for the completion of the tasks outlined will be reimbursed, but travel to work at the OAWA office will not.


In the interest of delivering the best service possible to its members, the OAWA will consider alternative solutions for the delivery of this service.  This may include tasks being taken on by a Club or group instead of an individual. Please submit your proposal accordingly.

All Contractors are expected to abide by the OAWA Code of Conduct and other relating Policies.  The Contractor will be required to provide a valid Police Background Check and Vulnerable Sector Search.  Contractors are responsible for any cost relating to obtaining these.

To Apply:

Interested parties are to submit their resume and/or job proposals to:

Provincial Director,

Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association

213-3 Concorde Gate

Toronto, Ontario

M3C 3N7

We thank all applicants in advance, but provide notice that only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by the Association.

Application Deadline:By Sept. 12, 2019


O.A.W.A. Fall Super Workshop (October 19 -20, 2019)

assist in the pre-event promotion of the Coaches’ Workshop and athlete mini-camp.

Assist as required with the pre-event arrangements.

Assist with pre-event Registration and Hotel bookings.

Conduct on-site Registration for the event.

Assist with the other management and delivery of the program as required.

O.A.W.A. – Ontario High Performance Program (OHP):

Assist in the pre-event promotion of the OHP program.

Assist with other OHP camps as needed, including communicate with O.A.W.A. and OHP program staff regularly regarding program plans.

Make Travel and accommodations arrangements for OHP Trips as they are planned by the Coaching Staff.

Assist with the other management and delivery of the program as required.

Participate in fall 2019 OHP Program planning for the 2019-2020 season.

Other O.A.W.A. Camps and Development Programs:

Communicate with Provincial Training Centers and/or Regional Presidents regarding camps they are holding.  This Regional Development program known as the Ontario Development Program (ODP).

Assist in promotion of these Training Centre and/or Regional camps.

Duties similar to above if other Camps are held.

Handle pre-camp planning and promotion for the 2020 OAWA OHP Summer Camp and assist on-site at the camp with camp management (July 2020, Guelph – tentative)

Serve as communications link for the Ontario Youth Development Program (OYDP).

Provincial Championships (November 2019 – April 2020):

Coordinate the pre-event Registration process for the Provincial Championships events.

Manage on-site Registrations for the Provincial Championships events.

Coordinate the entry process for the Ontario Winter Games – list of qualifying athletes, coaches, officials, working with the Winter Games office on entries and rooming lists, registration at the Ontario Winter Games, etc.  (Note:  In Winter Games program years only).

Otherwise assist at events as required.

National Championships Hosting/Travel:

Assist with the OAWA support of the hosting of the 2020 Canadian Junior/Senior Championships in London, Ontario (March 2020) as required, including on-site assistance with registration and other hosting duties as determined by OAWA.  This includes on-site attendance throughout the event.

Assist the Provincial Director in the pre-event development of budget for the Provincial Team Travel to (officials, etc.) and accommodations to the National U-17/U-19 Championships in April 2020 (Edmonton).

Assist in selecting a Team Manager or Managers for the National Cadet/Juvenile Championships if one is appointed.  Communicate with those travelling as part of the group; make arrangements for a Team Therapist to travel out to Nationals, etc.

Communicate with Clubs regarding their accommodation and other needs on-site at Nationals.

Coordinate the Provincial responsibilities for the Wrestling Canada Lutte on-line National Championships Registration system.

Decide on and order Team uniforms following budget planning with the Provincial Director.

Meet with Team managers if applicable, preferably in advance, to go over relative responsibilities.

Handle all communications with clubs, officials, athletes (if necessary) regarding event and hotel details.

Ensure complete financial wrap up of event (ensure all clubs pay fees owing, refunds are processed, etc.)

O.A.W.A. Spring Programs & 2020 Ontario Cup.

Work with O.A.W.A. staff and volunteers on the preparation of plans for these programs/trips (if applicable).

Assist with on-site registrations at Ontario Cup if requested by Hosting Committee

Assist the Provincial Director in the pre-event development of budget for these trips.

Handle all aspects of pre-trip arrangements (hotel arrangements, travel arrangements, dealings with hosting committees, etc.).

Decide on and order Team uniforms (cost, etc. to be pre-approved by the Provincial Director).

Meet with Team managers, preferably in advance, to go over relative responsibilities.

Handle group departures at the airport, or at bus departure areas if applicable.

Handle all communications with clubs, officials, athletes (if necessary) regarding trip details.


Assist with other projects/programs as may arise, including relocation of the OAWA office, Annual General and other meetings if required, and so on.