Letter to Members of the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association

To the Members of the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association.

Dear Members: 

The OAWA Executive would like to apologize to the OAWA membership. It would appear that their Membership information may have been accessed without the permission of the Board once again for the purpose of Mr. Jordon sending his recent letter. We will be rectifying the situation as soon as possible.

We are accepting the resignation of Mr. Jay Jordan from the position as President of the OAWA Board of Directors. Mr. Bill Hogarth, Past President, will continue to fulfill the duties of President as he has been doing since February of this year. This position will be voted on at the AGM in June, more details will be available in early April.

The Executive of the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association would like to correct the misinformation in Mr. Jordon’s letter to you.  Over the past two years, the OAWA has spent a significant amount of resources conducting investigations into Mr. Jordan’s extensive concerns of the OAWA finances, well beyond our normal annual audit by a Chartered Accounting firm. 

We have presented numerous documents and opinions from professionals to Mr. Jordon and the rest of the Board which do not support the opinions and concerns that Mr. Jordan expressed in his letter.

This has been a challenging and expensive couple of years for Ontario Wrestling, but I will assure you that we are ready to work together and move forward, offering the best possible services to the members of OAWA and improve wrestling in Ontario.

We wish Mr. Jordan well in his future endeavors.

Thank you for your support of Ontario Wrestling.

Yours in Wrestling,

William (Bill) Hogarth

Acting President, OAWA, on behalf of the OAWA Executive Committee.